Yan Mu Photography | 焱木攝影

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我們享受攝影的歡悅色彩,因此願意小心翼翼對待每一個拍攝委託,接受挑戰各種題材項目;我們相信沒有不能拍攝的人、事、物,只有不用心拍攝的攝影師;超越自我是推動我繼續探索攝影風格的力量。每種攝影服務,因應時間、地點以及拍攝內容,皆有不同的報價,因此恕不在部落格公開報價,歡迎填寫  =詢價單=

Yan (焱) + Mu (木) = Yan Mu (燊) Photography

I’m Vincent Ng, the owner and photographer of Yan Mu Photography. We are based in Taiwan and Malaysia but love to travel. Destination weddings are most certainly welcomed!!

We provides Wedding, Pre wedding, Baby Portrait, Maternity, Pet Photography, and Event Photography services to clients.We enjoy the joy of the work, during shootings we smile and laugh a lot. But we are most focus about making great images for you.After all, it;s all about you.

We hope you can though the photos again and again remember beautiful memories of your big day. Achieving this is our primary goal, and why we love what we do.

This is Yan Mu Photography

Kindly contact Us: http://yanmu.tw
You can also find us at our FB:facebook.com/YanmuPhoto